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From January 1 to March 31 2018 there were 22 properties in Sundre and area (10km radius) that sold in the MLS System™*   They ranged from a $600k+ acreage to a $45k recreational lot.  17 properties were in town and the remaining 5 were in the surrounding area in Mountain View County.

16 properties were single family detached homes.

2 properties were recreational.

1 property was a bare development lot.

1 property was a mobile home on a rented lot.

1 property was an apartment-style condo.

 Of the 22 properties sold, one-third of them were listed with Century 21 Westcountry!

Of the 22 properties sold, one-half of them were sold by Century 21 Westcountry!


Thinking of buying or selling?  Give me a call!

Brad Lindeburgh

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Is Value an Illusion?


Look at the central dot?  Which one is bigger?  The right one or the left one?

Turns out they are the same size.  It’s just what’s going on around them that makes them look different! 
(It’s called the Ebbinghaus Illusion: )

And the same thing happens in real estate.  It is referred to as the Principles of Progression and Regression.  It concerns the affect surrounding properties can have on the value of a house. For example, the same 5-bedroom mini-mansion set amongst a bunch of mega-mansion is going to be valued higher than than if it were set amongst a bunch of modest 2-bedroom bungalows.  The perceived value (which becomes reality in real estate) of a property is

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